Nathan Russel Kinzinger, CFP®, CLU®

Kinzinger Group


Very few of you actually click on this page (yes, we do track it), but it doesn't hurt my feelings because we're building this business for YOU (not me).  However, you did click so I'll reward you with some tidbits of information!


In 2002 I founded the Kinzinger Group with 2 primary goals - make great friends and help people succeed.  I'm proud to say that today the Kinzinger Group has clientele in more than 25 states and that we're well on our way to building a communtiy of people (clients and career employees) that intend to be here "delivering great plans to great people" long after I'm gone. 


In terms of me personally, here are a few extras: 

  • I LOVE Gina. 
    • Gina worked for corporate Northwestern Mutual until I hired her away from them.  It was their fault, they sent her to speak at a conference and I was in love before she left the stage.
    • Gina is my closest friend, my partner in life, and together we're raising 4 kids (and 2 dogs) to become wonderful adults.
    • We enjoy time in warmer climates when we can get it and always have good food and quality wine at our table.  
  • We GIVE.  
    • Money.  No less than 10% of the Kinzinger Group's pre-tax profit is given back to things that the Bible teaches are close to God's heart.  
    • Time.  Gina and I coach youth sports, and invest our shared wisdom mentoring youth, emerging businesses, and other professionals.   
  • I DO what we teach.
    • Money: 
      • We tithe the first 10% of our earnings (pre-tax).   
      • We save the next 20%.
      • We enjoy the balance AND THEN ... 
      • If there's money left we invest even more (in our professional team, in charitable causes, in client relationships and yes, even in our own accounts).
    • Physically:
      • I sleep at least 8 hours most nights.
      • I rise early to study and pray.
      • I exercise 6 days per week.
      • I eat well.
    •  Family:
      • I don't often work weekends or evenings.  This has been a secret to keeping my body strong, my marriage healthy and mind clear.  Yes - I'd be easy to kill (you can always find me) - but I'll take my chances and instead spend life living!




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